Quantum Force is a multi-purpose daemon plugin for Realflow, with over 10 different 'modes' and an integrated cell-memory algorithm, it gives you the power to create your own custom force fields. Imagine having the freedom to precisely determine where and how much you want to accelerate your fluids in 3d space. Force field "sculpting" gets a new definition with Quantum Force inside Realflow. It can be used on any project, in every scenario. Something is always "happening" in a simulation, and Quantum Force just gives you that much more control over how, what and where it is happening. With the latest update to version 1.5, Quantum Force now supports rigid body dynamics.

Use any particle .bin sequence or animated geometry inside Realflow to sculpt the force field of your choice. Each force "mode" affects the simulation in a different way, and more options are added to randomize the force. The special cell-memory algorithm in Quantum Force allows you to preserve the force inside the cells, even after the source of the force (particle sequence or geometry) has left that location. Decay allows you to control how long the force is active in each cell. The filter mode moves particles in the fluid simulation to other containers depending on the range of the force field, allowing you to create complex simulation events each with different set of rules, this mode lets you precisely transfer particles in exact locations unlike the normal filter daemon. There are so many scenarios to use the plugin with, it is impossible to think of each one. Even standard geometry collisions, which tend to create a very "splashy" result, can be recreated with Quantum Force, allowing you to sculpt the collision shape with much more control and beauty than you ever thought possible. Accelerate, Push, Attract, Spin, Heat and Filter are the currently available force modes. Upcoming versions will allow you to freeze your particles after destination-rules have been met, opening up complete new morphing possibilities. We welcome you to a new journey in the realm of fluid simulations with Quantum Force, what we believe to be the most powerful and versatile Realflow plugin on the market. Documentation and tutorials are provided.

Feel free to write us any questions at support@v-motion.co.